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2021-22 Salary Negotiations

ECONOMIC SETTLEMENT REACHED -- Worksite Ratification Voting to be held on December 13th & 14th


December 2021 Ratification


Appendix A- Salary Instructional Personnel – agreement seeks to meet statutory requirement to continue improving minimum classroom teacher salary to $47,500 while avoiding additional compression in the salary schedule, and keeps all instructional personnel (classroom teachers and non-classroom instructional employees) on the same schedule:

  • updates the performance pay formula to meet statutory requirements while maintaining increments consistent within the salary schedule;
  • continues to provide that all salary increases will be retroactive to the beginning of the contract year for employees who are active at the time of ratification;
  • provides a $1,380 increase to all instructional personnel, raising the starting pay to $47,500 as compelled by statute;
  • provides $50 for Effective and $100 for Highly Effective performance pay increase;
  • ensures consistent increments are established within the salary schedule by rounding instructional salaries up to nearest $50 increment;
  • commits to future annual increases in negotiated flat dollar amounts rather than percentages (in order to meet current statutory restrictions on salary increases for instructional personnel);
  • provides (from non-recurring funds) a $650 retention bonus for completing the 2021-2022 contract year – must continue working through the end of the contract year to qualify;
  • locks in health insurance rates with NO INCREASE for 2022 calendar year.


Placement Schedule for New Hires (2021-2022) – establishes $47,500 as the new starting teacher salary for HCSD; continues to provide for qualified military experience credit beyond 10 years.

2021-22 Negotiations

UPDATE 11/16/2021: The Hernando School Board has ratified the changes to the Instructional contract for 2021-22.

UPDATE 11/12/2021: The Instructional Bargaining Unit has voted in favor of ratification. 

* Notice has been given that worksite ratification voting of the following agreements will occur on November 10th and November 12th; ALL members of the Instructional Bargaining Unit may participate in voting

2020-21 Negotiations

*All agreements were successfully ratified and have been incorporated into the 2020-2023 Instructional Master Contract as appropriate*

2020-2021 Economics, Contract Language and 3-year Extension Agreements (December 2020 Ratification)

Language for Ratification

Revised TSIA MOU (11/30/20)

Revised Salary & Benefits Agreement (11/30/20)

2020-2021 COVID Impact Agreements: SUMMARY OF AGREEMENTS

Certification MOU (5/11/20)